Monday, October 3, 2016

Chapter 56 (10/3/16)

I saw Ryan twice more before he left on his next trip.  I spent the night before his trip with him, and I pouted that morning about him leaving.  This trip was nearly two weeks.  “You’d better miss me,” I teased him. 
“I will for sure,” he assured me.  “How could I not?  I mean, after last night…and this morning too...” he winked at me and smirked and I glared at him.  “I’m kidding!  Well, no, I’m not kidding, but I’ll miss more than that, I promise.”
“Good,” I said.  I couldn’t figure out when I had gone from being ready to just be done with him to demanding that he miss me, but I was definitely sad that he was going to be gone for almost two weeks.  I frowned again.  “Will you call me when you get back?”
“Jenna, I’ll call you while I’m there.  Stop being weird.”
“Sorry,” I said, blushing a little.
“Don’t be sorry, just don’t be weird,” Ryan replied, smirking.  “And I hate to interrupt this fond farewell, but you’re going to be late for work.”
“Shit!” I yelped, grabbing his wrist to look at his watch. “Damn it.  Okay, well, I’ll miss you, please have a safe trip, at least let me know you made it okay, alright?”
“I will,” he said.  He pulled me in for a hug and then kissed me.  I reluctantly untangled myself, kissed him one more time, and then hurried out the door.  As it was, I had failed to do my makeup or hair because I had lingered in bed with Ryan too long this morning.  Now I was going to be late too.
I took a deep breath before I started my car, because the last thing I needed was a speeding ticket or something in my rush.  I managed to get to work right on time, and I skidded breathlessly into the office just as my phone started ringing.  “Smithson Staffing Solutions, this is Jenna, how can I help you?” I asked, answering the phone while still standing.  From her office, Rachael smirked at me.  I rolled my eyes at her as I transferred the call to my boss. 
The day passed slowly and I was relieved to leave at the end of the day.  I got a text fairly late that night letting me know Ryan had made it safely to his destination.  He said he was going to call but wasn’t sure if I’d still be up.  I hit the phone icon next to his name and waited.  It rang 3 times and then he answered.  “Hey babe,” he said, right before he yawned.
“Hi,” I replied.  I suddenly felt really sad.  “I just wanted to say goodnight.”
“I’m glad you called,” he replied.  “I wasn’t sure if you were up or not.”
“I’m up,” I said.
He chuckled.  “I can tell.”
“Sorry, apparently I’m suddenly awkward as hell.”
“There’s no ‘suddenly’ about it, Jenna.  You're always awkward as hell.  Luckily you’re pretty enough that it’s adorable and not weird.”
I snorted.  “Thanks, I guess.” 
“You know I love your awkwardness.  And your adorableness,” he replied.
At the word “love” referring to anything about me, I froze.  Long enough for Ryan to ask, “Jenna?  Are you there?”
“Yes,” I replied.  “I am.  I’m so sleepy though, I’ll let you go.”
Ryan hesitated and I could tell he didn’t believe me.  But he didn’t push it, and just said, “Alright.  Sleep well Jenna.”
“Thanks, you too.  Though I guess it’s probably not bedtime there, huh?”
“It’s not, but I’m going to take a nap,” he replied. 
“Okay, well have a good nap,” I said.  I felt so awkward still and wished desperately for the easy comfortable feeling I used to have around Ryan. 
“Goodnight, Jenna,” he said.
“Goodnight,” I replied. 
I stared at my phone for several seconds after hanging up, before shaking my head, plugging it in, and turning off the light.  These next couple weeks were going to be interesting.


  1. Ugghh it's not like he said "I love you" (sigh) chill out Jenna, she drives me crazy sometimes! ��Great writing makes me kinda wish I had a Ryan!

  2. Those new relationship jitters/awkward feelings are the best, though!! I wish Jenna could chill for like 2 seconds and just enjoy going through them! Don't sabotage a good thing!!! :)

  3. Breathe, Jenna. He's not proposing. mum

  4. Can't wait for the next post.