Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Chapter 55 (9/27/16)

When I woke up in the morning, Ryan was still fast asleep next to me.  It was chilly in his room, and I wasn’t quite ready to get out of bed.  I snuggled up to him, and he shifted in his sleep, wrapping his arm tighter around me.  I dozed off again, sleeping for another 30 minutes or so.  This time when I woke up, I was too hot.  I laid in bed for a few more minutes, but knew I wouldn’t be falling back asleep.  Ryan didn’t look like he was anywhere near getting up.
I carefully extricated myself from Ryan’s arms and slipped out of bed.  Half of my clothes were downstairs, and I didn’t want to put any of them back on.  Instead, I picked up a hooded sweatshirt from the floor, sniffed it suspiciously, and then pulled it over my head.  It smelled like Ryan, but was passably clean.  I spotted a pair of gym shorts, folded neatly, on top of a pile that looked like clean laundry that needed to be put away and pulled those on.  I had to pull the drawstring as tight as it went to keep them from slipping down my hips, but they worked. 
Quietly, I left his room and wandered downstairs.  I was starving, and I wasn’t disappointed by the contents of his fridge.  I started pulling things out and wandering around his kitchen, finding the pans that I needed.  I tried to do everything as quietly as possible, not wanting to wake Ryan.
            I was about halfway through making some eggs, French toast, and bacon for both of us when Ryan wandered downstairs.  He yawned as he walked into the kitchen, then rubbed his eyes sleepily.  He was adorable first thing in the morning, with sleepy eyes and mussed hair.  It was so contrary to his typical well-put-together persona.  “Good morning,” I said, grinning at him.
“Coffee first,” he replied.  I’d already turned on his single cup coffeemaker and it was ready for him.  He paused to kiss me on the cheek as he pulled a mug out. 
“And I thought I wasn’t a morning person,” I said, chuckling.
He swore softly as he struggled with something on the coffee maker, then he said, “My sleep is so messed up from all my traveling.  I actually got up for a little while after you fell asleep last night.  I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t want to wake you up.”
“Really?  I didn’t even notice.”
He laughed.  “You were out cold.  And good morning, by the way.  I can’t wait to eat that bacon.”  He grinned at me, looking more awake already.
“Just the bacon?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.  “I’m making us an entire breakfast feast, and all you care about is the bacon?”
“Well, considering the bacon smell is what lured me out of bed, yes,” he replied.  “I could have stayed there another hour.”
“Plates?” I asked, opening and closing a random cabinet.  Ryan opened the cabinet behind his head and grabbed two plates.  “There’s no reason we can’t go back to bed after we eat,” I pointed out.  “I just happened to be starving.” 
“I will happily accept the by-product of your hunger,” he replied, wrapping an arm around my waist from behind.  “Is there supposed to be a point where I’ll be able to keep my hands off of you?” he asked, pausing to kiss along my neck.  “Because at the rate I’m going, I won’t ever get anything done if you’re around.”
“We went from food to sex in less than a second,” I said, laughing.  “Impressive.  Let me eat, and then you can do whatever you want with those hands.” 
Ryan managed to keep his hands off me long enough for us both to eat breakfast.  His kitchen had been sparkling clean before I’d started cooking, so I insisted on cleaning up as well.  He helped me, protesting the entire time that he would just do it later.  I ignored him, washing all the dishes and wiping down the counters.  As I was finishing up, Ryan started massaging my shoulders.  “Thank you for making breakfast, and for cleaning up,” he said, leaning forward to kiss my cheek.  I leaned back into him, sighing happily as his fingers gently worked at the tight muscles in my neck.  “Can I interest you in a nap?”
I laughed, then yawned, as if just the thought of sleep had made me tired again.  “Yes, actually,” I replied.
We went back upstairs and Ryan cocked an eyebrow at me as I shed the clothes I’d stolen from him before getting back in his bed.  “You’re kind of cute in my stuff,” he said, smirking. 
“Kind of?” I asked, with mock irritation.
“Yeah, you also look kind of ridiculous,” he replied, grinning. 
I snorted.  “I’ll remember that the next time you try to lure me to your house after I’m out and I don’t have anything with me.”
“Mmm, I’d prefer you remembered the amazing sex we had when you got here instead,” he murmured, wrapping himself around me.  He was easily the most cuddly man I’d ever met in my life. 
“Are we going to have some more amazing sex right now to refresh my memory?” I asked, trailing my hands down his back.
“Um, well,” he said, shifting a little, “I’m actually really tired and kind of just want to sleep for a little bit.” 
I laughed.  “Works for me.”
I was nearly asleep when suddenly Ryan sat bolt upright.  I sat straight up as well, looking at him with concern.  “What?” I asked, slightly freaked out.
“I just forgot I’m having lunch with my mom at 1,” he said, reaching for his phone.  “What time is it?”  He was the one with the phone in his hand, so I didn’t answer.  “Okay, it’s only 9:30,” he said, clearly relieved. 
I flopped back against the pillow and let out a deep breath.  “I thought someone was dying,” I said.  “I’ve never seen someone move that fast.  Your mom must be terrifying.”
Ryan chuckled.  “My mom is great.  I just don’t like disappointing her.  And since I’m nearly 33 and not even close to being married and giving her grandchildren, I’m a big enough disappointment as it is.  No need to make it worse by missing our lunch date.”  He glanced and me and gave me a sly smile.  “Wanna come?”
“Um,” I sputtered, panicking a little.  “Well, I…”
Ryan laughed.  “Relax, Jenna.  I’m mostly kidding.  Though if you wanted to come, you certainly could.  It would probably delight my mother to know that there’s a pretty girl in my life.”
“You can just tell her.  I’m good with that,” I replied.
He snorted.  “She won’t believe me without proof.  Another time.”
I tried to get comfortable again but now I was definitely awake.  Next to me, Ryan shifted and moved too.  “I’m not tired anymore,” Ryan admitted. 
“Me neither,” I agreed. 
Ryan rolled onto his side to face me and grinned.  “Well, if neither of us are tired, I have a few ideas about what we could do until I need to get ready for lunch…”
I returned his grin and reached for him, pretty sure I had the same ideas.


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