Monday, September 19, 2016

Chapter 53 (9/19/16)

Just a short one tonight.  The next one will be longer!

I slept amazingly well and when my alarm went off I woke up refreshed for the first time in a really long time.  When I rolled over I accidentally smacked Ryan in the shoulder, and I jumped.  “Good morning?” he said, blinking sleepily at me.  “Why did you hit me?”
“Sorry,” I said, laughing and relaxing back against my pillow.  “I forgot you were here.  I’m not used to having someone else in my bed.”
“Get used to it,” he told me rolling over and wrapping an arm around me.  “In fact, get so used to it that you stay here with me all day.”
“All day?” I asked, chuckling.  “I can’t, I have to go to work.”
Have to?” he asked.  “I think we need to revisit your definition of ‘have to’.”
            “I would love to stay here with you all day,” I admitted.  “But what if we spend Saturday night together and we can stay in bed as long as we want on Sunday?”
“Fine,” he agreed, mock grumbling at me. 
I stretched and climbed over him to get out of bed.  “Don’t get up on my account,” I said, as he sat up and yawned.  “You can stay in bed for awhile.”
“No, I’m awake,” he said.  “I just need a minute.”
I shrugged and walked to the bathroom to shower.  I was mid-shampoo when a corner of the shower pulled back and Ryan peaked in.  “Looking for a show?” I asked him.
“No, but you’re adorable covered in shampoo suds,” he replied, grinning.  “I came to find out what you want for breakfast.  I figured I could make you something while you get ready.  And sure, I admit it, it was a great excuse to come stare at you naked and wet for awhile.”
“You’re ridiculous,” I replied.  “But there are bagels and cream cheese in the fridge and that’s enough for me.”
“Got it,” he replied, then he disappeared. 
I finished my shower, dried my hair and threw on some makeup and clothes.  By the time I got downstairs, I had just enough time to eat and stop for coffee if I left really soon.  Ryan was dressed and in the kitchen when I got downstairs.  “This one is breakfast,” he said, handing me a Ziploc bag with a toasted bagel with cream cheese, “And this one is lunch.”  He handed me two Tupperware containers.  I raised my eyebrow at him curiously.  He shrugged.  “Just leftovers from last night, plus I threw together a salad.”
“I don’t have any idea why you’re so nice to me, but this time I’m not going to be a dick about it,” I said.  “Thank you.”
“I feel bad that you have to go to work and I don’t,” he said, shrugging.  “You made me dinner last night, the least I can do is throw some leftovers in a container for you for lunch.” 
“Okay, stop being nice to me so I can leave for work,” I said, shaking my head.  “Otherwise I’ll end up staying here after all and you’ll have packed my lunch for no reason.”
He laughed.  “Don’t get used to it or anything.  I was just feeling particularly nice this morning.”  He kissed my forehead as I took my food from him. 
“You know I’m never going to be able to keep up with all this niceness,” I warned him as we walked towards the door.
He stopped me and looked at me seriously.  “It’s not a competition,” he said.  “I’m not doing nice things for you so that you do nice things back for me.  I’m doing them because you deserve for someone to do nice things for you, and I kind of like you.”  Then he winked and continued to the door, leaving me to trail behind him.