Monday, August 8, 2016

Chapter 41 (8/8/16)

This is Monday's post for the week, since I posted a bonus yesterday.  I make no promises on a Thursday post but I will have something up on Friday at the latest!

            I was silent for the first several minutes of the drive until Ryan asked, “Are you okay?”
“Physically or mentally?” I asked bitterly. 
“Both,” he replied. 
“I’m fine physically,” I said.  “And I’ll be fine mentally shortly.  How much did you see?”
“All of it,” he replied.  “I wanted to let you fight your own battle.  At least until he grabbed you, and then I got pissed.”
“You didn’t look pissed,” I said.
He chuckled.  “My pissed and your pissed look a little different, Jenna.  Hey, do you mind if we stop at my place quick?”
“That’s fine,” I said, not even bothering to ask why. 
When we got to Ryan’s house, I went inside with him.  He went upstairs and then came back down in athletic shorts and a t-shirt.  “Seriously?” I asked, laughing.  “You wanted to stop here to change?”
He shrugged.  “Comfort is important,” he responded.  He tipped my chin up and the intensity of his gaze was mildly uncomfortable.  “You’re good?” he asked.
“Yes,” I said, shoving him playfully.  “I promise.  While we’re here, though, maybe you should follow through on all that teasing you did to me all day long.”
“Yeah?” he asked, his eyes sparkling.  “Don’t act like that dress wasn’t torturing me just as much as I was torturing you.”  He ran one finger along the strap of my sundress, then traced it across the sweetheart neckline and back up along the other strap.  He slipped his fingers into my hair and tipped my head up so he could bring his lips down to mine.  His kiss was slow and sensual, not at all what I was expecting from him.  I sighed as he tugged on my lower lip with his teeth and stroked the back of my neck with his fingertips. 
“Let’s go upstairs,” he said, pulling away and looking down at me hungrily.  I let him lead me up the stairs and to his room.  I was expecting him to lose his clothes immediately upon entering the room, but he sat on his bed against the headboard fully clothed and pulled me onto his lap.  We made out like teenagers for several minutes before his fingers found my dress’s zipper.  He dragged it slowly down, the fingers of his other hand dancing along the skin he was revealing as he unzipped me. 
Ryan took his time teasing me, stroking me, kissing as much of my body as he could get his mouth to.  I was practically begging for him by the time he finally eased into me and started moving against me.  I came almost immediately, then twice more before he finished, leaving us both a sweaty, breathless mess on his bed.
“Come here,” he said, shifting to a more comfortable position and reaching for me.  I settled against him with my head on his chest and my hand at the base of his head, gently rubbing his scalp and the top of his neck.  He sighed happily and we laid there silently until I dozed off.
I woke up with a start at some point.  The lamp next to the bed was still on, but I had no idea what time it was.  Ryan didn’t keep a clock in his room.  “Shit,” I said, sitting up and yawning.  “Sorry.”
Ryan yawned and rubbed his eyes, then squinted at his watch.  “Mmm, it’s late,” he groaned.  “Why don’t you just stay?”
“Are you sure?” I asked hesitantly.  We’d been sleeping together for a few months at this point and still had not spent the night together. 
He rolled over and looked up at me.  “It’s 2 in the morning, I’m tired, you’re clearly tired, I don’t really want to take you home right now.  So yeah, I’m sure.”  He gave me a sleepy smile and I shrugged and settled back into bed next to him.  It didn’t take long for me to fall back to sleep.

  Ryan was still asleep in the morning when I slipped out of his bed and into the bathroom.  But when I came back he was awake and he hungrily watched me walk—naked—back towards the bed.  When I got close, he lifted the blankets, silently inviting me back in next to him.  Against my better judgment, I slid back into his bed and pressed my back up against his bare chest. 
            I was surprised when the arm he was laying on wiggled its way under my body, coming up to wrap around my waist and pull me even more tightly against him.  Meanwhile, the fingertips of his other hand were lightly stroking the inside of my wrist, which made me shiver.  They continued all the way up my arm, leaving a trail of goosebumps in their wake.  After stroking gently across my jaw and throat, they trailed down across my collarbone, then down further.  Their path continued, brushing lightly over my breasts and down my stomach.  He skirted deftly past where I was hoping his fingers were going and continued over my hip and down my leg. 
            When he got to my knee, he put his palm flat against my leg and slid it back up the way his fingers had just come.  Up to my hip, then straight up my side to my ribs.  This time, he cupped my breast and let his thumb linger on and around my nipple, drawing a contented sigh from my lips.  No sooner was I relaxing back against him, enjoying the sensations radiating from his thumb, when he moved his hand.  He moved his palm down my stomach and finally stroked between my legs.  I moaned and arched my back, then pushed my hips toward his hand.
            His fingers moved against me slowly, building my pleasure but not pushing me towards orgasm.  He paused briefly, then moved the hand that had been wrapped around me to replace his other hand.  He leaned away slightly and I heard a condom wrapper rip open.  After several seconds of fumbling, he gently pushed my shoulders forward, bending me slightly.  I felt him behind me, and he slowly eased into me.  I tried to push my hips back against him, but he clamped a hand down on them, holding me in place.  Once he was inside me, he pulled me back against him and began to move in and out of me, excruciatingly slowly.   I tried again to grind my hips back against his, but his grip prevented it. 
            I felt like I would spontaneously combust if I didn’t come soon.  I moved my own hand towards my clit, desperate for release, but he beat me there, pressing his middle and index finger against me but not moving them.  He was still thrusting slowly, rhythmically.  “Ryan,” I gasped in frustration.
            “Be patient,” he whispered back.  He pressed his lips against my neck and alternated between sucking and gently biting.  I groaned and squirmed, trying to get his fingers to do something useful.
            He picked up the pace slightly, but he was still thrusting far too slowly for me.  I moaned when his thumb and index finger found my nipple, gently tugging and rolling it.  I’d never had such a slow, intense buildup to an orgasm before, and I felt like I’d been teetering right on the edge for hours, even though only 15 minutes had passed since I’d returned from the bathroom.  I whimpered and groaned, still desperately chasing the orgasm that Ryan was teasing me with. 
            He withdrew almost all the way, and then all at once he began circling his fingers around my clit, slammed into me, twisted my nipple, and bit down on my neck.  I came hard with a guttural moan, writhing and shaking against him.  He sucked on the spot he’d just bitten and continued lightly stroking my clit as I rode out the most intense orgasm I’d ever had.  I pulled his hand away from me when I couldn’t handle any more, and he stilled, allowing me to recover.  “Jesus,” I groaned.  I was twisted so my upper body was face down, my hips still pressed back against his.  One of my legs had wrapped around his at a painful angle, but I couldn’t move. 
            He chuckled softly and stroked my arm before coaxing my body back up against his and resuming his thrusting.  He went at a normal speed this time, and it only took about 30 seconds for me to come again.  This time, he didn’t stop, slamming into me over and over while I cried out and dug my fingers into his wrist.  Finally, he tensed and shuddered, finishing with a low moan and clutching my body against his.
            I could feel the blood pulsing under my skin all over my body, and when he stroked my arm again, I shivered and groaned.  I rolled away from him, my skin too sensitive to be touched.  I winced as my tender flesh clung to his, sticky with sweat, before separating and allowing me to roll onto my stomach and catch my breath.
            Several minutes passed before I started to feel normal again.  I sucked in a deep breath and turned my head towards Ryan, opening my eyes.  He was watching me through hooded lids, and he smiled a slow, sexy smile when we made eye contact.  “What the fuck was that?” I asked softly. 
            He raised one eyebrow.  “That was really amazing sex,” he responded.
            “But…” I trailed off.  It was really amazing sex.  The best I’d ever had.  But…why?  Where did it come from?  We’d always had good sex (if it wasn’t good, I wouldn’t keep doing it), but this felt different.  In fact, last night felt different too.  I got a pit in my stomach as I considered this.
            “But?” he prompted.  When I didn’t respond, he tried again.  “But what?”
            I shook my head and moved my eyes down, away from his.  Instead, I focused on the hollow where either of his collarbones ended at his throat.  “Come here,” he coaxed, dragging his thumb across my jawbone and curling his fingertips lightly into the hair at the base of my skull. I didn’t move.  “Jenna, what’s wrong?”
            Everything.  Everything was wrong.  We made a mistake.  We did too well playing at being a happy couple.  We spent the whole day pretending to be a happy couple.  We came back to his house and had happy couple sex.  And then I made the worst mistake of them all—the one that changed everything.  Like a happy-couple girlfriend, I’d spent the night.  That caused us to have mind-blowing happy couple morning sex, and now everything was wrong.
            But, of course, I said none of that.  “Nothing.  Nothing’s wrong.  I just have a lot to do today, so I should probably get going.”  I sat up and stretched casually, desperate to pretend that nothing had changed.
            “Really?  It’s not even 8:00.  At least have breakfast with me before you take off.”
            “I’m not hungry,” I lied.  I was starving.  “And it’s early.  You should stay in bed and get some more sleep.”  I stood and searched for my clothes, quickly and clumsily starting to pull them on.
            “How do you plan on getting home then?” he asked wryly.
            I paused and looked at him.  Good question.  “I can take a cab.” 
He was already standing up though, pulling on a pair of jeans that had been laying on the floor, discarded.  “You’ll do no such thing.  I’ll take you.”  He walked over to me, holding my thong out to me.  I blushed furiously and snatched it from him, yanking it on.  I twisted, trying to contort myself enough to zip up the back of the dress.  I was still shaky from the amazing orgasms I’d had, plus lack of sleep, and I stumbled as I lost my balance.  Ryan caught my arm and easily righted me, then turned me away from him and deftly zipped me up. 
“Thanks,” I muttered.
He turned me back around to face him and slid his hands down my arms, lightly taking hold of my wrists.  “Don’t freak out, Jenna,” he said softly.  “It doesn’t have to be a big deal.”  I yanked my hands away from him and turned, searching for my shoes.   “They’re by the door.”  I walked away, out of his room and towards the door.  I shoved my feet into my sandals and snatched my purse, looking up in time to see Ryan emerge from his bedroom.  He’d found a t-shirt to pull on, but his hair was tousled and his eyes still a little sleepy.  He looked so good that I had to turn away before I talked myself into staying for breakfast. 
Ryan grabbed his keys and pushed open the door to the garage, motioning for me to go out.  I did, but I yanked open his passenger side door before he could do it for me.  He held it as I got in, though, and shut it carefully behind me. 
The ride to my house was quiet, and I was thankful that he didn’t try to talk.  I stared out the window and wished for it to be over soon.  When he pulled up in front of my house and put it in park, I sighed.  “You don’t have to walk me to the door,” I assured him as he turned off his car.  He didn’t respond and got out anyway. 
When we got to the door, he leaned against it, preventing me from pushing past him and going right inside.  I looked at him, forcing a neutral expression onto my face.  “I leave for three weeks on Tuesday,” he reminded me. “Can I see you tomorrow before I go?”
I shook my head.  “Tomorrow isn’t good for me,” I said, offering no explanation.  He frowned, looking skeptical.  “Sorry,” I added with a shrug.
“When I come back, then,” he said.  He looked…sad?  I nodded.  He took a step closer to me and kissed me.  Without thinking, I melted against him, allowing his tongue access to mine and gripping his waist tightly.  His thumb traced my cheekbone and then ran along the outer edge of my ear, causing me to sigh lightly against his lips.  I felt his mouth turn into a smile against mine as he pushed his hand into my hair and tangled his fingers there, holding my head in place as his teeth tugged gently on my lower lip. Then he pressed his lips back against mine, ending the kiss as tenderly as it had started.
I pulled away as our mouths separated and fumbled with my keys.  “Have a safe trip,” I stammered, dropping my keys as I tried to force the wrong one into the lock.  “Goddamn it!” I snapped, irritated that one kiss had just overwhelmed me so completely that I couldn’t even work a key.  Ryan tried to hide his smirk as he bent and picked up the keys for me.  I snatched them away from him and finally worked the correct one into the lock.  “Thanks,” I said, turning back.  “And, um, thanks for yesterday.  And driving.  I appreciate it.” 
“You’re welcome,” he said warmly.  Then he winked.  “Thanks for this morning.”  I blushed, he smirked, and we both turned and headed our separate ways.


  1. These two! Both of them need to quit fighting this. It's right in front of them. The sex was amazing because they are forming an emotional bond. They need to each let go of how they THINK they should feel or be and admit what they actually DO feel. There is rarely a right or wrong time for romance. It just happens. Jenna is gun-shy and Ryan has his idiot "no-dating" policy, stubbornly hanging onto these concepts will only bring them pain and loneliness.
    My two cents worth, anyway. (Great post, BTW!)

  2. I looove this blog!!!!! My oh my feelings caught. You are an amazing writer. Keep 'em coming(the posts not the characters:)

  3. Seriously you are making me catch feelings for them together!! Lol hopefully the time apart will make them realize what is right in front of them!

  4. Oh my gosh, that went from 0 to 100 REAL FAST. Holy.... LOL I feel like Ryan *HAS* to be feeling more attached than just a casual FWB now. He has to be.

  5. Oh she is in trouble. If she wants to keep it like this, best to break it off....just saying. The fight is real

  6. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my heart! I hope Ryan steps up to the plate! Get Brody to give him some lessons ;)

  7. They caught feelings.....I hope they both admit and it would be fun if he said it first.

  8. Oh please don't let Jenna freak out and run away. I love their feisty banter and their chemistry. They are so much fun to read about. I am very much hoping they take a turn for j their relationship and make more of their arrangement. Ahhh, Ryan...swoon!

  9. ............ I just spent the last several hours (off and on) re-reading this story from the time Ryan was introduced to the most recent post. I'm totally team Ryan, but I'm also trying to not get too invested so my dreams don't get crushed. hahaha

    So, that's how my day is going (: Haaaaaaaaaappy Wednesday!

  10. Ugh, love them. Definitely both caught feelings for each other, but I have a feeling Jenna is going to sabotage it for herself because she doesn't think shes ready to move on. I also think Ryan might be an ass when he realizes he has feelings since we was so adamant about how he doesn't do relationships and making sure they were on the same page about being FWB only