Friday, July 29, 2016

Chapter 36 (7/29/16)

You guys!  Why didn't someone tell me my Thursday post didn't post?  This time I can't even blame it on Blogger...I just didn't schedule it even though I thought I did!  I'm going to be off camping all next week, but I have two posts ready to go and scheduled (but I guess I'd better double check!).  I, of course, can make you no promises because Blogger is a fickle beast, but if for some reason a post doesn't post I will post it once I get back sometime on Thursday next week.  Fingers crossed everything does what it's supposed to!

The last time I’d gone on two dates back to back so early on had been with Kevin, but I tried to push that out of my mind as I got ready for my third date with Jesse on Sunday.  He picked me up and we headed up towards Split Rock Lighthouse State Park.  We stopped along the way for lunch at a tiny diner.
When we got to the park, we decided to do the tour.  We got to go inside the lighthouse and all the outbuildings near it.  It might sound boring, but it was actually pretty cool.  After that, we wandered up one of the trails and down to a little sheltered beach. 
The beaches here were rocky and Jesse picked up a stone and threw it out into the lake, where it skipped perfectly 5 times before dropping out of sight.  “You would,” I said, picking up a stone of my own and tossing it.  It plopped gracelessly directly into the water. 
Jesse tried and failed to stifle a laugh.  “Like this,” he said, picking up another stone and showing me how to throw it.  I tried again with the same result as the first time.  He shook his head and picked up another stone.  He put it in my hand and moved my hand and arm, then let me throw it.  Still nothing. 
Laughing, I plopped down onto the stones beneath my feet and looked out at the lake.  Jesse sat down next to me.  He tentatively slipped an arm around my back and I leaned into him, and we just sat for a long time.  Eventually we stood up and started back towards the path.  I paused at the edge of the little beach and turned around to look at the lake one more time.  Jesse caught me around the waist and pushed a piece of hair out my face, then leaned down and pressed his lips to mine.  I kissed him back, sliding my hands up his chest to his shoulders as the tip of his tongue parted my lips. 
I was just starting to enjoy myself when I heard someone clear their throat and say, “Excuse me.”  We leapt apart like teenagers that were just caught by their parents and I blushed furiously as we moved out of the way so a middle-aged couple could come past us.  The woman glared at us with clear irritation but her husband was trying to stifle his laughter. 
We made our way back to where Jesse had parked without further incident (or kissing).  On our way back to Duluth, we spotted an ice cream place and decided to stop.  By the time he dropped me off at home (with another—this time uninterrupted—kiss) we had spent almost 6 hours together.  It had been 6 good hours, and I had enjoyed myself.

On Tuesday, I saw Kelly and Erica for the first time in too long.  “Where the hell have you been?” Erica asked me immediately upon my entrance to the restaurant where we were meeting. 
“Going on dates, getting laid, getting food provided to me…I’m sure you understand why I’ve been doing all that and not hanging out with you guys,” I said, laughing as she glared at me.  “I’m just kidding!”  I considered that, then said, “I mean, I’m kidding about the second part.  The first part is all true.”
“What’s all true?” Kelly asked from behind me.  I turned and she feigned shock at seeing me.  “You’re alive, it’s amazing!” 
“Stop pretending we haven’t still been texting all the time,” I said.
“Jenna has been too busy going on dates, being fed, and fucking,” Erica said.  “That’s where she’s been.”
“Well, I think that’s a pretty sweet reason to be MIA, if you ask me,” Kelly replied, grinning at me. 
I grinned back and then turned and stuck my tongue out at Erica, who laughed and shook her head.  “Okay, but who have you been going on all these dates with?” she asked. 
I updated them on Jesse, telling them all about our dates.  “So what happened to not dating?” Kelly asked curiously when I’d finished. 
            “I feel okay about this one so far,” I said.  “I know we just went on two dates in two days, but I’m definitely not looking to jump into anything.”
            “What about Ryan?” Erica wondered.
I shrugged.  “It’s not like Jesse and I are in a relationship.  There’s no reason for me not to still see Ryan too.”
Kelly agreed, though Erica looked skeptical.  She didn’t say anything though, and we settled easily into our normal conversation.  I enjoyed my evening out with them, as I always did.  We never did anything wild and crazy anymore, but I was completely okay with that!
I spent Wednesday evening at home, doing a little laundry and cleaning.  I’d been so social lately that I had been seriously slacking on keeping up with those things.  I went to bed early and enjoyed actually feeling well rested on Thursday.
It was a good thing too, because I had dance on Thursday, and afterwards I went out for a drink with a couple of the people in my class.  We all got along in class, though we didn’t have much time to socialize so we didn’t know each other well. We ended up being out ridiculously late for a work night, but I had a blast.
After work on Friday, I had another date with Jesse.  We went out to dinner and then he invited me back to his apartment. 
“This is a nice place,” I said, as he showed me around.  It wasn’t large but it was well laid out and he had actually decorated a little. 
“Thanks,” he said, leading me into the living room.  “Do you want to watch a movie or something?”
We looked through his movie selection and ended up finding something on Netflix.  We watched while cuddling on his couch, and the only interesting thing that happened was that I fell asleep.  I woke up when Jesse shifted and I sat up with a start.  He started laughing as I blinked sleepily and tried to figure out where the hell I was and what I was doing.  “I’m sorry, I was trying to be careful,” he apologized.  “I didn’t want to wake you.”
“I didn’t even know I was tired enough to fall asleep,” I said, yawning.  “Sorry, I’m a terrible date!  How long was I asleep for?”
            Jesse laughed again.  “Probably close to a half hour.”
I groaned.  “I’m sorry,” I said again.
“It’s not a big deal,” he assured me.  “Do you want me to take you home?”
I shook my head and started to say I wanted to stay for a little while, then I yawned again.  Smiling sheepishly, I said, “I guess you’d better.” 
Jesse took me home, chatting cheerfully on the way.  When we got to my house, he walked me to the door, kissed me lightly, and said goodnight.  He waited until I got safely inside and then I watched him walk back down the driveway to his car. 

I did very little on Saturday.  I ran a couple errands and finished up some cleaning, but other than that, I spent most of the day on the couch, binge watching Orange is the New Black.  I went to bed at a time that was embarrassing for a young, single woman on a Saturday, but I clearly needed the sleep. 

I also slept ridiculously late on Sunday, and laid in bed scrolling through Instagram and Facebook for almost another hour before I finally got out of bed.  I jumped in the shower (something about being lazy makes me feel so gross) and when I got out, I had a single text: “Can I see you today?” 


  1. Ahhhhhh cannot wait to see who it's from!! (Just wanted to say thank you for your amazing blog! I've been reading since the first and you have an amazing ability to tell stories that are so relatable! Thank you!)

    1. Aw, thank you so much! All my awesome readers and commenters make it easy :)

  2. Jenna seems extra sleepy this post. Could she be pregnant?!
    Jesse is so sweet. This could get complicated.

    1. omg, please don't let this be true!

    2. Normally I very much enjoy reading theories but I'm going to go ahead and put this one to rest. There is no bun in Jenna's oven!

  3. Hey I'm going to Duluth today! What a fitting post for the day