Sunday, May 29, 2016

Chapter 17 (5/29/16)

The next week went unbelievably quickly.  My inspection went well, with just a couple things to fix.  The current owners agreed to fix all but one, so we moved forward with the sale.  I canceled my lease and was surprised to even get part of my deposit back.  My days were a blur of work, calls to the bank, packing, and falling into bed completely exhausted.  Dan asked to see me sometime that week but I pushed him off until Saturday, because I just didn’t have time. 
On Saturday, I took a break from packing to go out to dinner with him.  He invited me over after dinner but I was exhausted and I wasn’t really feeling it, so I just went home.  He kissed me before we parted ways, and I almost reconsidered, but decided to stick with my plan.
On Sunday, Kelly and Erica came over to help me finish packing.  They were complaining about not seeing me in a long time, and I agreed, so I invited them over to hang out while I packed.  We’ll obviously help you,” Erica had said. 
I was wandering around the second story of the house, packing up odds and ends, when I heard the doorbell.  I started downstairs but didn’t make it before the door swung open.  “We have pizza!” Erica called.
“And wine!” Kelly added. 
“You guys are my favorite friends,” I told them, meeting them at the bottom of the stairs.  I had already packed all my kitchen stuff, but Kevin had just bought new things, so I pulled a few plates and glasses out and we got some food. 
“He’s not here, is he?” Kelly asked, looking around suspiciously.
“No,” I said around a mouthful of pizza.  “He’s at work, I think.”
“Good,” she replied.  “I don’t feel like punching someone in the face today, but I wouldn’t have a choice if he were here.”  Erica glared at her and I laughed.  I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Kelly did just randomly punch him the next time she saw him. 
We finished our pizza and then got to work packing.  Erica sorted through my clothes, separating the spring and summer clothes from the fall and winter clothes, then packed the spring and summer stuff into large plastic totes.  Kelly carefully laid winter and fall clothes, with the hangers still attached (“Trust me, so much easier to put them away!” she told me), into my two suitcases. 
I continued packing odds and ends.  At this point, I was randomly throwing things into boxes, taping them up, and hoping for the best.  “You’re going to hate yourself when you’re looking for something next week!”  Erica cautioned me.
“I hate myself right now for having so much shit to pack,” I retorted.  “What’s a little more self-loathing later on?”  Kelly burst out laughing while Erica smirked, rolled her eyes, and picked up a permanent marker, following me around and forcibly labeling boxes.
They stayed until 10, when I shooed them out the door so they weren’t miserable at work the next day.  By that point, nearly everything was packed.  The only things remaining were my makeup (because what if one of the movers was hot?), a couple outfits, and other things that I’d need sooner rather later and would take over in my car.  Upon Erica’s tip, I’d packed a box with paper plates, plastic utensils, plastic cups, paper towels, some cleaning supplies, all my toiletries, toilet paper, a bottle of wine, and some snacks.  That would be the first thing to get to the new house, and I wouldn’t have to dig through unpacked boxes to find the important stuff.  Brilliant idea, really.
I barely slept Sunday night.  I’d taken Monday off work to close and move, and I was an interesting combination of really excited and incredibly anxious.  I’d never moved by myself before.  I’d always had someone’s help, whether it was my parents or Kevin.  I mean, I’d hired movers, so it’s not like I was even moving furniture and needed help, but it was still a little daunting to think about doing all the unpacking and organizing alone.  Kelly and Erica had already told me they were coming over on Tuesday to help me, and I was so grateful for them. 
I felt like a mess Monday at 9 when I pulled up to the title agency to sign all the paperwork.  The sellers had pre-signed on Friday, so it was just me, Mike, and the people from the title agency.  It felt like it took forever, and I fairly sure that my hand was going to fall off from signing by the time I was done.  Then Mike followed me over to the house to make sure everything was as it should be.  It was.
“It’s all yours,” Mike said, grinning at me as we stood inside the kitchen.  The sellers—thankfully—had left the house impeccably clean.  The keys were neatly labeled on the kitchen counter next to the garage door opener.  Mike and I tested them to make sure they worked on the doors they were supposed to work on, took a quick walkthrough, and then headed back outside.  I had to go back to Kevin’s house to meet the movers soon.
I thanked Mike awkwardly.  Can you hug your realtor?  I wanted to.  His quick thinking and hard work, even after I stopped actively looking, was responsible for me moving into this great little house that was perfect for me.  I decided that would be weird, though, and awkwardly started towards my car.
“Hey,” he said, as I was putting my hand on my car door.  “Wait a sec.”
I turned.  “Yeah?”
I noticed he was blushing slightly, and the color just got darker as he said, “This isn’t the least bit professional, and I swear I have never done this before, but…I really enjoyed working with you, Jenna.  I’d like to get to know you a little better.  Do you think… Would it be okay if I took you out sometime?  On a date, I mean?”
I almost laughed.  Mike, who was so professional and easy going when he was doing his job, was awkward as hell right now.  I bit back my grin because I didn’t want him to feel bad.  “Um, would it be weird? Your brother is married to my best friend.  Is that weird?”
I immediately felt bad when I saw the crimson flush spread to his ears.  “I don’t know, maybe?” he said sheepishly.  “Never mind, then.”
“No, wait!” I said.  “I didn’t mean it like that.  I’d love to go out with you, Mike.” 
His face instantly relaxed and he smiled.  “Yeah?”  I nodded and he pulled out his phone, then laughed.  “I guess we already have each other’s numbers, huh?”  I laughed with him.  “Well, I’ll give you a few days to get settled, but maybe this weekend sometime?  Let me know when you’re feeling up to going out, okay?”
“I will,” I assured him.  “This weekend sounds great, but give me a few days to get myself sorted out before we make plans.”
“Sounds good!” he responded.  “Well, I know you have to go meet the movers.  Let me know if you find any problems, otherwise enjoy your new place!”
“Thank you,” I told him.  “And seriously, thank you for jumping on this place for me.  I’m really excited about it.”
“I am too,” he replied genuinely.  “It’s perfect for you.”
We said goodbye, and I got into my car and headed back towards Kevin’s house.  I was going to be cutting it close to meet the movers, but I was too busy being excited about being asked out by a real live human that I didn’t meet on the internet to care. 


  1. Yee haw! Ready for an "Adios, Kevin!" (and good riddance).

  2. Yay! I like the sounds of this guy. I mean, he got her away from Kevin, so that's a win for him already!

  3. Moving is the worst...but owning your own place is such a great feeling. Plus it will be nice to have a place to bring dates and not have to explain your dick of an ex!

  4. This was a great post! Fabulous writing! Thank you!

  5. Mike seems so much better than Dan. He's kinda lame, but maybe that's good for the first guy out of the gate from her divorce.
    So excited she's moving and to read about her getting settled!!!!