Saturday, February 20, 2016


          Welcome to In All the Wrong Places!  The first post will be up on March 1st, and I'm really excited to share this story with you all.  It's a little different from my old blog, so I wanted to properly introduce it.

          The main difference is that it's written more in the style of a book than a blog.  It won't follow the real world calendar--the story actually starts at the beginning of December.  It might skip decent chunks of time here and there.  I won't be doing any other character's perspectives in this story, either.
          Because of the way it's written, some posts may be longer and others shorter.  I know it's easy to get used to a post length and then be disappointed when some posts are shorter, so I apologize in advance.  But you guys know me and my post length, so even the shorter posts won't be too short.

          Jenna's story is set in Duluth, MN.  If you're not familiar with Duluth, it's a city in northeastern Minnesota, on the very tip of Lake Superior.  From Duluth, you can drive to Canada in about 3 hours.  The Minneapolis-St. Paul area is about 2-2.5 hours south.  It's a lovely city.

          Jenna finds herself divorced at 29, and our story starts as she attempts to pick up the pieces of her life while cohabitating with her ex-husband.  Yes, you did read that correctly.  Luckily, she's got a few great friends (and maybe a couple that aren't so great) to help her along the way.

          For now, I'll plan on posting once a week, as the story is largely written but needs some editing.  I'm sure there will be a bonus here and there as well, because that's how I roll.

          I can't wait to see you all on March 1st for the full first post!  In the meantime, Follow my blog with Bloglovin!


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